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The Purple Notebook 4

The Purple Notebook 4

Another story inspired by an Utter! Workshop. I think we were told to go outside and make note of local features and then write a story about items or buildings we saw.

They were staring out of the window, across the street, at Vito’s burned out shop.

“It was so sad what happened. Those poor children. They live in the flat above. Dying the way they did” Whispered Jess into Mr Chumble’s ear.

She carried Mr Chumble around everywhere in a bag. Mr Chumble was wheezing and incontinent was unable to walk for long at his old age. Jess left the clothes shop and was immediately accosted by an insistently cheerful young man with a bright wide smile. He was asking what she thought about donating money for needy children. Jess sharply said she was not interested and started to move around the fundraiser. Undeterred the fundraiser followed her to the curb of the street despite being ignored. “Your on my shit list mister” Jess thought “Just like Vito was”

Walking down the highstreet  she heard some music and she started tearing up. It was the theme from The Last of The Mohicans. Where was it coming from. Lips trembling she thought for a moment that it was coming from inside her own head. She could not afford another episode now. Not in front of all these people. Jess was relived when she saw the poncho wearing pan pipe players.

Jess and Mr Chumble went closer to the players. They approved of the tunes lovingly played. Appreciating the music for a few minutes she finally dropped a £50 note in the collection tin and walked off smiling.

Jess decided Mr Chumble looked tired and it was time to go home. There were no bargains to be found today. She walked to her car. She had to park on a back road far away from the high street. As she approached her BMW she saw a discarded red balloon holder on the pavement. It was bent out of shape and filthy. Designed to only one thing it was now laying broken and unwanted on the ground  by it’s cold hearted careless owners. Jess felt a strange sort of empathy with it. “They ought not create something and throw it away so easily Mr Chumble” Jess said as she stepped into the car.

She was a couple of miles away from home when she saw him. The fundraiser that had so annoyed her. He was walking down the street by himself. Jess did a quick for witnesses and saw no one around. “Lets have some fun Mr Chumble” said Jess as she reached into the glove box. She took out a clear plastic spray bottle. It contained acid. Driving slowly behind the fundraiser she opened the passenger side window and sprayed a jet of caustic liquid at the fundraisers groin.

“What the fuck are you…” the fundraiser started to say before collapsing holding his melting testicles in agony. He screamed something again  Jess drove off laughing before he could complete his sentence.

Jess seems to be a great character. Great to have discovered her again.

The Purple Notebook 3

The Purple Notebook 3

Most of this is written in illegible handwriting.

“You bastard Straighty”

“What? What did I do?”

“You bloody well know what you did. Telling those young geometrists that there was a way Pi could be finalised into a whole number”


“Oops? Oops! They have been prodding and probing me all week.”

“Yes. That is what you get for.”

No idea what that was. The next bit was again very hard to decipher. Heres a pic.


Stop Motion animation

Stop Motion animation

Was looking at some old files on my PC. I came across these old animations I did using my 3DS. Might have to experiement with again.

Marvel Thor 3ds stop motion

Marvel Thor 3ds stop motion 2

drawing stop motion

Rabbit stop motion

Thundercat Lion-o 3ds stop motion

The Purple Notebook 2

The Purple Notebook 2

Another unfinished story from the Purple Notebook. Not sure if this was Utter! inspired or not.

Harry never expected his April’s Fool joke to get out of hand. The paint was supposed to wash off. Trevor had promised him that all it would take was a quick rinse under water. But the bloody was permanent. When Harry confronted Trevor about this, all Trevor said was “April’s Fools” .

Oh the plan was so simple. A friendly prank on his brother-in-law Todd. A small paint bomb to the face. Ha ha, Everybody would laugh. It wasn’t meant to be this way. It was just meant to be a hilarious prank on the President of the United States of America. Now here  Harry stood, in the oval office with Todd whose face was dyed a shade of radioactive yellow with stone faced spin doctors, senators, and the Chief of Staff. Harry thought he was beginning to get heart palpitations.

Todd was was meant to be meeting with Kim Jun Un tomorrow. “How was I supposed to know?” thought Harry. Apparently if Todd didn’y attend it would be disastrous for world peace. Todd had yet to say an angry word Harry.
‘Todd, mate, I’m sorry’

The President rounded on Harry and screamed “You always have to take things too far!”

Another story from the same session I think

The old girl was holding up well in her old age. I taken so many voyages inside her. Scurrying down inside her corridors to see what I could see. All the relics and artifacts that had been salvaged and stored away in her bowels. I tipped my hat to the guard as if asking for permission to come aboard.

The 3rd Story.

The thing that worried Chuck was that he no longer got that queasy feeling feeling in his stomach when he beat people up. Looking down at the convulsing body of the latest poor soul that did not pay their debt, Chuck felt just a little sad.

Standing in a pool of blood and piss he saw his reflection in the dark liquid and he wasn’t sure he recognised his own face. Taking one last look at his handiwork he sighed and then whispered to himself “How did I end up doing this?”.

Terri looked down at her keyboard feeling a mixture of tiredness and resentment. Hours at the bank were only going to get longer.

Some interesting ideas here. I think the President story might be worth re-visiting. The 3rd story could be a scene for Gorky & Izz

The Purple Notebook 1

The Purple Notebook 1

I think this is a story written as part of a writing exercise for Utter! Utter! was a a spoken word and creative writing group that has since disbanded. The writing classes were based in Wood Green library. This is from 2011 (26/03/11). The prompts were: Shower, Kite, Caterpillar, Renew, Clean, Rain, Lamb.

Sandro hid in the long grass among the daffodils and other spring flowers. A caterpillar inched it’s way across his nose but he stayed perfectly still. He had already lost a kill due to a kite soaring in the sky above spooking a rabbit he was stalking.

The lamb was within striking distances.

I think this was from the same session. No idea what the prompts were.

The whirring discordant hymns of local authority lawn mowers and edge trimmers, further away the screams and squeals of children chasing each other as their parents look on. The thumping bass of car radio violently pouring out music as it drives by.

A brief quiet, seemingly silent, before you hear the grasshoppers chittering again, before you hear the buzzing bees wandering too close to you.

Again from the same session.

Mother was smiling manically. Entirely attired in pink, she was spring cleaning and was spraying everything with disinfectant. I annoyed her, she loved me, but I annoyed her. Her fussy pride about the cleanliness of the house was at odds with my more laid back approach to tidiness.

Atomised disinfectant hung in the air, a thin mist of following Mother as she sprayed and scrubbed and wiped away any invisible dirt. She had given up on asking me ( or more precisely telling me) to help. Whatever I cleaned did not meet her stringent standards. She would end up redoing what ever I had done.

We were all in the kitchen. Me, mother and my boyfriend Derrin. Derrin fancies mother and was doing a rather bad job of hiding it. He was glaring at her breasts and bum.

I decided to make Derrin a sandwich. Knowing he was a messy eater. Knowing he would drop breadcrumbs and other debris onto the newly cleaned kitchen counter and floor.

Mother smiled politely as Derrin ate but her eyes screamed the words “I just cleaned that 10 mins ago!”



So I have decided to embark on a new project. I have had writers block for the last 7 months. Not been able to write anything original.

I have a stack of notebooks and loose papers containing unfinished stories and ideas for stories from the last 15 years.

My new project is basically to review and transcribe these notebook and loose papers onto a digital format and see if any of them spark a creative idea in me.

Here is a pic of the loose papers.


It took me about fours hours to organise them into a folder. I’ll be going through my note books first. Hopefully this will be something I can blog about weekly.

Heres what that mess looks like now


I am starting with the purple notebook. I also threw out my old law school notes. This was a surprising scary thing to do. Even though I had not looked at them for 10 years (and probably would not do so again) the act of trashing them felt scary.