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Month: July 2014

If this then that (ifttt)

If this then that (ifttt)

So I decided to play around with IFFFT. I wanted to sync tghe posts made from my clubs facebook page (here: to a new twitter account (here: and Google+ page (here:

The IFTTT website was fairly easy to navigate. The recipe to link Facebook output to Twitter was straight forward enough. (here

Syncing anything to Google+ was a nightmare. I haven’t got the recipe to work yet. I had to sign up to Buffer Channel. I activated the recipe but there was a 15 min delay. It didn’t work.


I ‘ll try again tomorrow.

Project fail

Project fail

So I tried to do a project on face swaps using these two tutorials:–psd-18214


The results were embarresing and I won’t be posting them. I think my mistake was choosing the wrong photos ans trying to face swap a white dude with a black dude.

Will try again later.

Lazer beams

Lazer beams

So I decided to learn how to do lazer beam eyes.

Heres the tuturial I used:

Here are the results Original image top, photoshop underneath:

tomexpln copy tomexpln copy1

Heres another set:

gavlaser gavlaser12

The first set I’m okay with. The 2nd set I messed up some how. I need to learn how to lable my layers properly and note how I’m working as I go along. I want to learn how to do shattered skulls and blood splatter too.

Photoshop stuff for BJJ

Photoshop stuff for BJJ

I have done some basic photoshop stuff. I mean really basic.

The tutorials I am using are here:

and here:

How To Lighten Dark Photos In Photoshop

The mini-project I was working on was with photos from the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club where I train. Shout out to Alexandra Park BJJ.

The originals were taken from the clubs Facebook page (

Here we go with the original:

So as you can tell it is quite dark. Needs lightening up. I ended up with this:


 Did the same here:



tomgroup copy

and here again:

instructors copy instructors

I’m going to try and play around with colours and maybe even try a few special effects!

See you next week. Before I go here is my twitter account:


Hit me up.