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Month: June 2014

First post

First post

So this is my second attempt at blog. I failed miserably in my first attempt as I didn’t keep it updated. Apparently I didn’t have much to say.

This blog will be about me learning new stuff. If there anyone out there that can point in the direction of great resources or can offer some advice I would be in your debt.

The skills and knowledge I have set out to obtain are listed below:

1) Learn WordPress
2) Microsoft Excel
3) Adobe Photoshop
4) SEO
5) Google Adwords
6) Basic coding
7) Memory techniques.
8) Video editing
9) Arabic
10) Urdu

It’s pretty ambitious I know. I going to try and learn skills by completing small projects. I’m looking at giving myself a month on each to try and grasp the basics of each skill (Except Arabic and Urdu). I’m planning on updating my progress weekly.

That’s it really. Any help gratefully accepted and greatly appreciated.

First up – Photoshop!