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The Purple Notebook 4

The Purple Notebook 4

Another story inspired by an Utter! Workshop. I think we were told to go outside and make note of local features and then write a story about items or buildings we saw.

They were staring out of the window, across the street, at Vito’s burned out shop.

“It was so sad what happened. Those poor children. They live in the flat above. Dying the way they did” Whispered Jess into Mr Chumble’s ear.

She carried Mr Chumble around everywhere in a bag. Mr Chumble was wheezing and incontinent was unable to walk for long at his old age. Jess left the clothes shop and was immediately accosted by an insistently cheerful young man with a bright wide smile. He was asking what she thought about donating money for needy children. Jess sharply said she was not interested and started to move around the fundraiser. Undeterred the fundraiser followed her to the curb of the street despite being ignored. “Your on my shit list mister” Jess thought “Just like Vito was”

Walking down the highstreet  she heard some music and she started tearing up. It was the theme from The Last of The Mohicans. Where was it coming from. Lips trembling she thought for a moment that it was coming from inside her own head. She could not afford another episode now. Not in front of all these people. Jess was relived when she saw the poncho wearing pan pipe players.

Jess and Mr Chumble went closer to the players. They approved of the tunes lovingly played. Appreciating the music for a few minutes she finally dropped a £50 note in the collection tin and walked off smiling.

Jess decided Mr Chumble looked tired and it was time to go home. There were no bargains to be found today. She walked to her car. She had to park on a back road far away from the high street. As she approached her BMW she saw a discarded red balloon holder on the pavement. It was bent out of shape and filthy. Designed to only one thing it was now laying broken and unwanted on the ground  by it’s cold hearted careless owners. Jess felt a strange sort of empathy with it. “They ought not create something and throw it away so easily Mr Chumble” Jess said as she stepped into the car.

She was a couple of miles away from home when she saw him. The fundraiser that had so annoyed her. He was walking down the street by himself. Jess did a quick for witnesses and saw no one around. “Lets have some fun Mr Chumble” said Jess as she reached into the glove box. She took out a clear plastic spray bottle. It contained acid. Driving slowly behind the fundraiser she opened the passenger side window and sprayed a jet of caustic liquid at the fundraisers groin.

“What the fuck are you…” the fundraiser started to say before collapsing holding his melting testicles in agony. He screamed something again  Jess drove off laughing before he could complete his sentence.

Jess seems to be a great character. Great to have discovered her again.