The Grémillet Sisters by Giovanni Di Gregorio & Alessandro Barbucci

The Grémillet Sisters by Giovanni Di Gregorio & Alessandro Barbucci

An utterly adorable book. The Gremillet Sisters is a heartwarming story that is told with glorious eye-catching artwork. As a fan of Pixar and Studio Ghibli its lovely to read something that captures the same sense of adventure and emotional heft. Di Gregorio script does not treat the reader like an idiot. This is perhaps a more mature story than the initial impression of the artwork might lead you to believe. There is something here for both children and adults. I really enjoyed the interplay between Sarah, Cassiopeia, and, Lucille. The sibling rivalry as the sisters’ jockey for status and petty annoyances they inflict on each other is played both for laughs and dramatic purposes. There are hints of larger supernatural elements in the world of the story that were handled deftly. The core of themes of the novel though are memories, family secrets, and, what effect that hidden trauma has on loved ones when it is exposed.

Part Goonies with its mystery and detective elements and part My Neighbour Totoro with its fantastical creature designs and exploration of sisterhood deftly manages to blend moments of danger with moments of tenderness.

The dialogue is not as sharp as the art, and that does make me wonder if something was lost in translation. Also, at points, the pace does lag. However, these are minor quibbles Di Gregorio, and Barbuhave created a charming novel with a cast of characters that are memorable and who I, for one, would love to see more of.

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